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Marriage/ Civil celebrant

Our law firm's civil celebrants are appointed by the Registrar of Marriages under the Marriage Ordinance. They can sign the marriage certificate, which has the same legal effect as a marriage certificate issued by the Marriage Registries of the Hong Kong Government and can be used in all countries around the globe. The choice of the time and venue of the marriage is entirely yours, and we are flexible to satisfy your arrangements. You can get married in our law firm, hotels, restaurants, theme parks, etc. Additionally, couples currently living in mainland China or overseas can prepare the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) before coming to Hong Kong to make the marriage registration procedures efficient. Read More


The breakdown of a relationship is a serious matter that is sometimes complicated and challenging.

We aim to protect and advance our client's interests, striving to achieve the most reasonable, favorable outcome in every case. Whether it is protecting your interests in a new relationship or when your relationship ends, we will support all your legal needs. The knowledge of broad legal concepts, rules, and procedures is required to secure your interests. We are prepared to assist clients in all aspects of family law, including custody and access, maintenance issues, assets division, and wealth protection. Read More

Wills, Trusts, and Enduring Power of Attorney

We have the knowledge and expertise to draft and prepare a Will, providing effective representation in estate planning and administration, powers of attorney and guardianship issues, matters involving persons with disabilities and special needs, and estate accounting. Read More

Probate/ Estate

Our law firm can help you through the complicated process, offering legal advice and handling the required documents to secure your interests and ensure proper distribution of inheritance. Read More


When financial difficulties arise, bankruptcy is not the only option. Our team will analyze each client's situation and find the most suitable plan for overcoming the issues.

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  • Commercial and Company legal services

  • Company setup/ restructuring/ winding up

  • Commercial Agreement

  • Compliance and corporate governance

  • Joint venture and franchise

We Provide Simplicity for Multiple Legal Needs

Commercial and Company

From start-ups to multinational organizations, we work with all sizes of businesses. Our comprehensive knowledge allows us to provide expertise in a wide range of areas, including complex transactions and litigation, as well as day-to-day legal needs, such as:

  • Companies, branches, or representative offices set up, restructuring, and winding up.

  • negotiation on business terms and offers

  • drafting or reviewing various commercial agreements such as Shareholders’ Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Sale and Purchase Agreements, Joint Venture/ Franchise Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Agent Agreement, License Agreement, Distribution Agreement, Supply Agreement, Loan Agreement, Commercial Lease and Tenancy Agreement, Employment Contract, and Service Agreement

  • advice on compliance and corporate governance matters

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We Understand Life’s Complexities

Civil Litigation and Dispute

We handle a wide range of civil litigation cases, including breach of contract, commercial fraud, debt recovery, defamation, financial services, injunctions, insolvency, insurance, probate disputes, property/land disputes, shareholder disputes, and trust disputes. Our goal is to help clients resolve disputes with minimal cost and disruption, as we understand that there are better ways to solve problems than expensive and lengthy litigation. However, if legal proceedings are unavoidable, we ensure that our clients are properly represented. Read More

Criminal cases

Committing a criminal offense can have severe consequences, even for minor crimes such as theft, traffic violations, or wounding. A criminal record can affect your work, education, immigration status, and more. That's why our team can help you find suitable lawyers who provide criminal defense, plea, bail, and reliable legal advice. Read More

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We Help in Smoothing the Biggest Deal in Your Life

For many people in Hong Kong, purchasing a property is an important decision, as it is both a good form of investment and a symbol of stability. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure the process is carried out properly in compliance with the law. 


We offer services and assistance with your transactions and purchases. No matter what type of property you are dealing with or what role you are in, we would be more than happy to assist you with various issues such as sales and purchase, mortgage and redemption, leasing matters, or possession. Read More

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We Protect Your Intangible Assets

We offer services to protect your intangible assets in addition to tangible assets. Registering trademarks and patents is crucial to obtaining intellectual property rights and developing useful promotional tools. It would also protect your rights and avoid cybersquatting and infringement.

Our professional team has over ten years of experience dealing with issues regarding intellectual property, ranging from trademarks and patent registration to civil legislation. We are confident that our team will be able to draft and provide the best solution for you. Read More



  • Personal Injuries/ Work Accident 

  • Employee’s Compensation

  • Traffic Accident Negligence 

  • Medical /Professional negligence

  • Water leakage

We Safeguard Your Interests

Our team is committed to safeguarding your interests by providing all types of help on claims. Whether it's property damage, personal injuries, work accidents, professional negligence, or wrongful dismissals, we will ensure that your interests are well represented. You can discuss your case with our lawyer, and we will work diligently to resolve the issue efficiently, keeping your best interests in mind.


Personal injuries/ Work Accidents

We understand that in your everyday life, there may be various instances where you may suffer different forms and levels of personal injury. Personal injury includes both physical and psychological harm, which may result from other accidents. Some common examples of scenarios that led to personal injury include road traffic accidents, medical negligence, accidents at work, slip and fall accidents, assault, and animal bites.



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