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  • Are you allowed to file a divorce?

  • Does divorce have to divide assets with partner?

  • How much alimony do you need to pay?

  • Are the chances of getting custody of your children high?

There are limitations to divorces under the law, and people cannot just simply get a divorce out of the blue. Normally, people can only get a divorce after a year into their marriage. If both sides wish to be separated, then they have to live in different homes at least for a year. If only one person wants an end to their marriage, then they must live separately for two years to apply for a divorce.

It is challenging for two people to maintain a healthy marriage, and even if it comes to a situation where getting a divorce is necessary, it is best to keep a stable and respectful relationship. Fostering a normal friendship helps to create more efficient and smoother discussions between both parties and lessen the burden on them and their children.

Hong Kong law does not clearly provide for estate distribution, alimony child custody. This means that people are not legally obligated to share their estates with their partners, nor do they have to provide alimony to them. Usually, it is only when both sides cannot come to an agreement that they would resort to taking the case to court. However, the legal expenses in getting a lawyer are high, and the whole process is very time-consuming. Taking the fight to court might not be the best solution for both partners. 


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