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For many people in Hong Kong, purchasing a property is an important decision, as it is both a good form of investment and a symbol of stability. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the process is carried out correctly and complies with the law. 


Our firm, with its extensive experience and expertise, specializes in conveyancing, a crucial legal process that ensures property transactions are carried out correctly and in compliance with the law. We provide comprehensive services on various conveyancing matters, offering advice and assistance to guide you through this complex process. Our proficiency covers a wide range of properties, including those under the Tenants Purchase Scheme, first-hand properties/uncompleted first-hand properties or private residential properties, properties under the Home Ownership Scheme, industrial buildings, office buildings, shops, and parking spaces.

Our services:

  1. Sale and purchase of property

  2. Transfer of ownership/transfer of ownership between close relatives

  3. Adding or removing names from the title deed

  4. Mortgage or refinancing of property

  5. Property redemption from the bank

  6. Sale and purchase of property of company (by way of sale and purchase of shares)

  7. Severance of joint tenancy

  8. Application for a certified copy of title deed in case of loss

  9. Probate and handling the transfer of ownership of property from the estate

  10. Drafting or reviewing tenancy agreements

  11. Handling the execution of the Power of Attorney for the sale and purchase of property

  12. Dispute resolution and litigation on conveyancing issues

  13. Dispute resolution between owner and tenant

  14. Litigation on adverse possession

  15. Recovery of possession

  16. Providing legal advice on matters related to Deed of Mutual Covenants (DMC) or Incorporated Owners (IO) 

  17. Providing legal advice on conveyancing matters

Procedures for the sale and purchase of second-hand property

  • Sign the Provisional Agreement for Sale and Purchase and pay about 5% of the property price as the initial deposit.

  • It's important to appoint solicitors as soon as possible after signing the Provisional Agreement for Sale and Purchase. They will play a crucial role in drafting the Formal Agreement, ensuring that all legal aspects are covered and protecting your interests in the transaction. Both parties should sign the Formal Agreement at the firm within 14 days of signing the Provisional Agreement. The purchaser will need to make a further deposit.

  • The seller and purchaser will negotiate the completion date, usually within 1.5 to 3 months of signing the Formal Agreement for Sale and Purchase.

  • The seller must prepare the receipt of the management fee deposit and the invoices or receipts for the latest management fee, demand for rates, and government rent (if applicable). The purchaser or his lawyers will check with the management company to see if there is any outstanding management fee or fees for the property maintenance to prepare for the apportionment of account.

  • The seller and purchaser will inspect the property and sign the completion documents, including the Assignment, on or before the completion date. The purchaser will pay the balance.

  • Deliver the key through the law firm or estate agency on the completion date.

  • After completing the transaction, the purchaser or his solicitors will inform the management office of the ownership change.

Transfer of ownership, adding names or removing names for properties of public housing and the Home Ownership Scheme with unpaid premium

  • According to the Housing Ordinance, the change of ownership of flats under the Home Ownership Scheme/Private Sector Participation Scheme/Tenants Purchase Scheme/Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Scheme is restricted to unpaid premiums.

  • The transfer of ownership of subsidized flats with unpaid premiums can only be done with the consent of the Housing Authority. Examples of reasons for the Housing Authority to consent to such transfer of ownership include the inclusion of the spouse as a joint owner, transfer to the spouse owing to divorce or separation, change of ownership reflecting financial contribution towards downpayment or mortgage repayment by an authorized occupant, transfer of the ownership due to death of the owner, old age of the owner, or in the case where the owner is suffering from a terminal illness.

Fees involved:

-  Administration charges paid to the Housing Authority when applying for transfer of ownership: around HK$3,000

-  Solicitors' fees for transfer of ownership: around HK$7,000

-  Miscellaneous fees paid to the government: around HK$5,000 - HK$6,000 (including $2,440 for the administrative charge paid to the Legal Service Sub-division of the Housing Authority for the approval of the draft Deed of Assignment)

Our service charges:

  • Sale or purchase of property: from HK$6,800

  • Transfer of ownership of property from estate: from HK$6,800 

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