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Marriage/ Civil Celebrant


Our civil celebrants of marriages are appointed by the Registrar of Marriages under the Marriage Ordinance, who can sign the marriage certificate, which has the same legal effect as a marriage certificate issued by the Marriage Registries of the Hong Kong Government, and can be used in all countries around the globe. The choice of the time and venue of marriage is entirely yours, and we are flexible to satisfy your arrangements. You can choose to get married in our law firm, or hotels, restaurants, theme parks etc.


Additionally, couples currently living in the Mainland or overseas can prepare the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) before coming to Hong Kong, such that the procedures of marriage registration will be efficient.

Our Civil Celebrants of Marriages:

Our service charges:

  • Register your marriage at our law firm: From $1,880

  • Other designated location: From $2,780 (depending on the wedding date, time and location)

Plus $305 Government fee

Free rental of marriage certificate holder, quill, ring pillow and affidavit book.

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