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Criminal Litigation

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Criminal offenses we deal with include:

  1. Fraud, Theft

  2. Money laundering

  3. Intimidation, Wounding, Common Assault, Fighting in public

  4. Criminal damage

  5. False instrument

  6. Doxxing, Access to computer with dishonest intent

  7. Sexual crimes: Indecency, Sexual assault, Rape, Sexual intercourse with minors, etc.

  8. Traffic violations: Driving without a license, Illegal racing, Dangerous driving, etc.

  9. Breach of the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance: Trafficking in dangerous drugs or narcotics, possession of dangerous drugs, etc.

  10. Breach of the Housing Ordinance

  11. Breach of the Companies Ordinance

  12. Breach of the Employment Ordinance

  13. Breach of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance: Corruption or Bribery

  14. Breach of the Copyright Ordinance

  15. Breach of the Trade Descriptions Ordinance

  16. Breach of the Immigration Ordinance: violation of conditions of stay, employment of illegal workers

Bind Overs

If the defendant has no criminal record and the crime committed is relatively minor (for example: fighting in a public place, common assault, theft, etc.), we may help to apply to the Department of Justice for an O.N.E. Bind Over. If it is success, the defendant will not be formally convicted. As long as the defendant does not commit any crime during the period of compliance, there will be no criminal record.

Our services:

  1. Attending the police station, Independent Commission Against Corruption, Customs, Immigration Department, or other law enforcement agencies to accompany clients to give statements and apply for bail

  2. Conducting case research, and providing advice on criminal legislation and related procedures

  3. Appointing a barrister with relevant experience on behalf of the clients

  4. Advising and assisting in Plea Bargaining

  5. Obtaining case-related information from the police before trial

  6. Assisting in gathering evidence before trial

  7. Applying for blind overs on behalf of a client

  8. Applying for bail before trial or pending appeal

  9. Attending courts at all levels from the Magistrates’ Court to the High Court

  10. Interceding and applying for commutation of sentence

  11. Appeals for clients in courts 

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