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Civil celebrant of marriages/ Wedding

Our civil celebrants are appointed by the Registrar of Marriages under the Marriage Ordinance. They can sign the marriage certificate, which has the same legal effect as a marriage certificate issued by the Marriage Registries of the Hong Kong Government, and can be used in all countries around the globe.


The choice of the time and venue of marriage is entirely yours, and we are flexible to satisfy your arrangements. You can choose to get married in our law firm, or hotels, restaurants, theme parks etc. Additionally, couples currently living in the Mainland or overseas can prepare the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) before coming to Hong Kong, such that the procedures of marriage registration will be efficient. 


The breakdown of a relationship is a serious matter that is sometimes complicated and challenging. We aim to protect and advance our clients’ interests, striving to achieve the most reasonable, favorable outcome in every case. Whether it is protecting your interests in a new relationship or when your relationship ends, we will support all your legal needs.


The knowledge of broad legal concepts, rules and procedures is required to secure your interests. We are prepared to assist clients in all aspects of family law, including custody and access, maintenance issues, assets division and wealth protection.

Family Dispute
Lasting Friendship

Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and Probate

The world is full of unpredictable changes. Birth, sickness, and death are often happen in our lives, For the sake of your family and yourself, to ensure the distribution of inheritance is according to your wishes and to minimize the future complications in obtaining your estate, it is best to write a will as early as possible.


We have the knowledge and expertise to draft and prepare a Will and Enduring Power of Attorney, providing effective representation in estate planning and administration, powers of attorney and guardianship issues, matters involving persons with disabilities and special needs, and estate accounting.


When financial difficulties arise, bankruptcy is not the only option. Our team will analyze the situation for each clients and find the most suitable plan for overcoming the issues.

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