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Hong Kong Marriage Registration Procedures

Give a Notice of Intended Marriage (Notice) from Mainland China/ Overseas

  • Need to visit Hong Kong once ONLY

  • Suitable for neither one of the marrying parties can come to Hong Kong in person to submit NOTICE


Give a Notice of Intended Marriage (Notice) from places outside Hong Kong

The time required for us to process a marriage application outside Hong Kong to the Marriage Registry is approximately 6 weeks. Please make sure to complete the first 5 steps below no less than 7 weeks before the wedding:


1. Marrying parties submit the following documents to our law firm:

      * A Hong Kong Identity Card holder must present their Hong Kong Identity Card.
      *The travel documents submitted must be consistent with the travel document used to enter Hong Kong for marriage.


2. After collecting all the required documents, our law firm will fill in the Notice for the marrying parties.


3. Marrying parties submit the Notice to us, circle the marital status and fill it out in handwriting, but do not sign.

   *The document is in Traditional Chinese and English.

    *Do not convert it to Simplified Chinese or other languages ​​by yourself, or the Marriage Registry will not accept the marriage application.


​4. After verification by our law firm, as early as 3 months before the wedding date, the marrying parties (one or both parties) should go to a notary office in Mainland China or the office of a Notary public of the country where one of the parties lives to sign the NOTICE. The completed notice form with the signature of the marrying parties should be authenticated by a Notary Public. No need to go to court to affix it.


5. After final verification by our law firm, please send the original signed and notarized the Notice to our law firm by registered airmail (Address: Office B, 1/F, Xiu Hua Commercial Building, 211-213 Jaffe Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong). Our law firm will submit the documents to the Hong Kong Marriage Registry on your behalf.


6. After receiving the reply email from the Marriage Registry, please notify us for follow-up.


Receive a Certificate of Registrar of Marriages (RC) in person


7. Upon arrival in Hong Kong, both the marrying parties should bring all the original documents required for registration of marriage in Hong Kong to the Marriage Registry at Admiralty during office hours before the wedding to sign the statutory declaration related to the marriage application and receive the Certificate of Registrar of Marriages (RC).


Address: The Marriage Registration and Records Office, 3/F, Low Block, Queensway Government Offices, 66 Queensway, Hong Kong (Admiralty MTR Station Exit C1)

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:45 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. (Except Public Holidays) (Please arrive before 4 p.m.)


8. Send the RC to our law firm for preparation of the Marriage Certificate.


9. Check the draft Marriage Certificate prepared by our law firm to confirm that the content is correct.


Wedding ceremony and collection of Marriage Certificate

10. The marrying parties and the two witnesses should arrive at the venue on time on the wedding day. After our civil celebrant of marriages has solemnized the ceremony, the couple can collect the marriage certificate on the spot.

Wedding Ring

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